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The Essentials to Traveling with Points

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This self-study course guides you through the essentials to booking your dream vacation using points and miles. Divided into six modules, each section of the course contains a video presentation, a corresponding workbook segment with tips and resources, and tracking sheets and charts when applicable to help keep information organized and easy to find. The purpose of this course is so you can plan your dream vacation on your dream budget.

Since this is a self-study course, you can complete it at your own pace and revisit the materials whenever you need to. You can complete this course in just a few hours if you want to, or spread it out over several weeks as you plan for your trip. By the end of it, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to maximize credit card points, what credit card offers are the best, and some of our own tricks that have brought us all over the world.

During this course, you will:

  • Be guided to booking your dream trip for a low cost made possible through using points and miles

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of “Basic Travel Method" – maximizing the value of everyday spending strategically to earn mass amounts of points and miles for free flights, hotels, car rentals, and more

  • Learn how to apply for a credit card and the top offers to look for

  • Figure out a credit card strategy

  • Understand your credit score and why it's important

  • Gain access to credit card tracking sheets and budget sheets to fill in if you’d like to use them

  • Look at flight and hotel options that work best with your points and budget

Where are you going to travel to first?

Included in this six module course is:

  • Six exclusive video lessons on the essentials of traveling with points

  • A comprehensive workbook with corresponding activities and prompts

  • Resources and tracking sheets to help you organize your credit cards and find the best offers

  • Tips and tricks from industry pros

  • Lifetime access to all materials

So are you ready to book your dream vacation?

The “Basic Travel Couple”

Dave & Lisa founded Basic Travel Couple in 2018 after learning how to utilize Credit Card Reward points to travel the world for almost free. From Scuba Diving between two continents in Iceland, running from Monkeys in Thailand, sleeping in a glass igloo in Finland, getting engaged in Egypt, Lisa Breaking her leg in Galapagos Islands, Swimming with Sharks in the Bahamas and jumping out of airplanes in Hawaii, there is no adventure that these two aren’t willing to take on. The next logical step seemed to be to teach others their points and miles knowledge!

You can follow along their journey on Instagram, join their Basic Travel 101 Facebook Group to get insider information, or check out some of their other social media sites on their contact us page.